integrated communications


At Comsquad, Out of the Crowd and Whizpr (COW), we value our team spirit. Throughout the year, we organize several weekend and evening team activities (remember our colorful Ekiden team?). The climax each year, however, is our X-Mas team day.

If you follow the smartphone market at all, you will have heard journalist complain: “Every smartphone looks alike. Where did the big product innovations disappear to?”.

Did you know that 1 in 5 employees cause a security breach by logging into a malicious Wi-Fi network? Did you know that every month nearly 12 million new malware variants are discovered? Did you know that in 75% of all cases, hackers simply use… an email?

So it is clear that cybercrime may be a bigger concern for your business than you realize!

Last Saturday, a team of Whizpr, Out of the Crowd and Comsquad colleagues combined their forces to compete in the Acerta Brussels Ekiden under the common All Colors of Communication banner. Check the T-shirts! ;)

How do you engage gamers to upgrade their gaming console or pc? How about... a Seagate Escape Room @ Gameforce and Firstlook, the biggest gaming events in the Benelux?

They both look great and they are eco friendly, making them an amazing acquisition to every company! On August 25th, Epson met up with a couple of journalists to explain why sustainable business is the future.

You must stay one step ahead of cyber criminals, or else your security infrastructure remains at risk. That was the main message at the Summer Security event organized by Check Point on July 6 and 7 in The Netherlands and Belgium.

WebTomorrow, the leading event in Belgium on how digital is impacting business, was eager to let us showcase the HTC Vive virtual reality system.

After the CPU's, also networks will become virtualized environments. Is the market ready to buy? Are we ready to sell? Are businesses aware of the opportunities? A lively debate with the specialists ...